Monday Night Swing Classes Mini-Session

Two-week Mini-Session July 15 & 22

6:30 p.m.:  Learn the Shim Sham!
This iconic jazz routine dates back to the early days of swing.  Like a line dance, it's danced solo...until the end, when you dance out the song with a partner.  The Shim Sham is used as a mixer worldwide, and is known and danced by lindyhoppers everywhere.  Shim Sham incorporates moves derived from tap dance and even showgirl routines, as well as jazz steps that we can use in our partner dancing.  You'll be able to join the gang shim-shamming at The Hilo Town Tavern!
7:30 p.m.:  Continuing 6-Count Lindy
This beginner-plus class will continue to explore new moves, methods of connection, timing, rhythm, and fun ways to interpret our favorite music.  Some background in partner dancing and familiarity with 6-count footwork is preferred, but new dancers are welcome (with the understanding that the class will not be focusing on the basics.)
Classes are at the Island Dance Academy, 27 Haili Street in downtown Hilo, across from the Palace Theatre.  No partner needed.  $10 per class per night; $15 if you take two classes (either both classes on a single night, or one of the classes on both nights).